ACORN Resource Kit

The purpose of the ACORN Resource Kit is to provide the University of Toronto community with quick access to the necessary media and help resources for ACORN, the new Student Web Service (SWS). We are happy to announce that ACORN was launched June 22, 2015.


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For Staff

FAQ & Support Resources

For Communications

Promotional &
Support Resources

Student Support

ACORN Help &
Introducing Website


Top 5 things to know about ACORN

  • For students, ACORN will replace the existing ROSI-SWS with a more useful and usable online system. Both systems will be available to students until we are able to fully sunset ROSI-SWS.
  • Course and program enrolment have been completely redesigned. Course enrolment includes a pre-planning enrolment cart allowing students to save courses prior to their enrolment start time.
  • ACORN includes a ‘Life’ section highlighting several of the key services and programs U of T offers to students outside of the classroom. Examples include: Getting involved on/off campus, finding housing, exploring international opportunities and pointing students to career and job planning resources.
  • Since its first release in June 2015, ACORN has had over 20 release updates. In 2016 ACORN will continue to evolve in subsequent phases to include an overhauled financial experience, a staff view of student screens, an optimized mobile experience and more.
  • ACORN is a product of the NGSIS program which has released a variety of successful applications and services such as Degree Explorer, Co-Curricular Record, Course Finder, Transfer Explorer, and MyRes.