ACORN Resource Kit for Staff

This page includes nuts and bolts information about ACORN. Browse through our collection of FAQs and training materials including screenshots, detailed guides and videos.

Staff FAQ’s & Support Resources

  1. ACORN Plan for 2016 – List of new features and enhancements planned for 2016. Last updated: August 2016
  2. FAQs for Staff – Last updated: July 2016 (New: FAQs regarding tuition & fee credit card payments)
  3. ACORN Help – Screenshots, videos and step-by-step walkthroughs of ACORN features Last updated: July 2016
  4. UTORid Transition – An overview of the transition to UTORid and its implications

General Resources

  1. About ACORN – NGSIS website
  2. Introducing ACORN website – Intended for students, release spring 2015 ahead of the June 2016 launch

Website, Promotional & Media Resources

  1. See: Communications Resources