Instructor Lookup Report

The Instructor Lookup Report is also known as the Verify Quercus Instructor Access Report. It is intended for the use of Business Officers and other support staff in Academic Units who are called on to support Faculty requiring access to the Quercus Learning Management System. Sometimes Faculty cannot access Quercus in order to deliver course materials. The information needed to set up courses on Quercus come from 3 very different University systems:

  • HRIS – Faculty user records and appointment information
  • ROSI – Course records, teaching assignments
  • UTORAuth – Faculty, Student and Staff accounts and linking information

This data is extracted nightly from each system and is loaded into the Data Warehouse. Any inconsistency or inaccuracy in how data is added to any one system may affect the quality of data in the other systems. This application may be used to search for information across several platforms, enabling the user to identify data that may be missing or incorrect. Changes to the source systems in order to fix problems may take a couple of days in order to work their way through to the other systems.

Service Availability: Daily, 4:00 AM to 1:00 AM.

This services utilizes your UTORid credentials and requires you to have SAP HRIS access.

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