Connect+Learn: Kronos Open House

The EASI Kronos team is hosting an open house to provide prospective departments with information about Kronos, the University of Toronto’s web-based time management system. This open house is an opportunity to gain first-hand information about implementing Kronos in your department.

The event will include a demo and overview of the Kronos system and testimonials from departments currently using it. It will also provide attendees with an opportunity to ask questions about the Kronos system and implementation process.


Connect+Learn: New Teams Transcription Feature

Microsoft Teams recently launched its long-awaited meeting transcription feature. Join Connect+Learn for an overview of this new feature. Topics discussed will included:

  • What is the new Teams transcription feature?
  • How do I use the feature to transcribe my meetings?
  • How can I access my meeting transcripts later on?
  • How do I enable captioning for my meeting recordings using this tool?
  • And more…

A representative from Academic & Collaborative Technologies (ACT) will also be on hand to answer your broader transcription tools questions.


Updated timeline: Microsoft will now retire Skype for Business on January 31, 2022

Date: July 13, 2021
To: InfoTech, EITU
From: EASI Digital Workplace
Re: Updated timeline: Microsoft will now retire Skype for Business on January 31, 2022


Good morning,

Microsoft previously indicated it would retire Skype for Business Online on July 31, 2021 (see previous memo below). Please note that Microsoft has revised this date to January 31, 2022.

Between now and January 31, existing Skype for Business users at the University will experience no change of service and they will be able to continue using it as needed. After January 31, the service will no longer be accessible.

If your division is still using Skype for Business, we recommend you take the following actions as soon as possible:

For online meetings

If your division is still using Skype for Business to schedule online meetings, we recommend upgrading to Microsoft Teams.

For conference rooms

If your division is still using Skype for Business in your conference rooms, you will need to switch to an alternative service before January 31, 2022. We recommend upgrading to Microsoft Teams.

In both instances, Teams offers improved meeting features to Skype for Business and we expect you will find the transition to be a smooth one. You can learn more about using Teams on the University’s Microsoft 365 website:

Please let us know how we can assist you in this transition by submitting a ticket through the Enterprise Service Centre.

Kind regards,

EASI Digital Workplace

Azure AD Connect to be upgraded to latest version on June 18, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Date: June 14, 2021
To: InfoTech
From: Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
Re:  Azure AD Connect to be upgraded to latest version on June 18, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Good afternoon,

Please be aware that on June 30, 2021 Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) will stop supporting the following Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols and ciphers:

  • TLS 1.0
  • TLS 1.1
  • 3DES cipher suite (TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA)

As of this date, applications that are communicating or authenticating against Azure AD may not work as expected if they are not able to use TLS 1.2 to communicate.

EASI is currently upgrading Azure AD Connect to the latest version to mitigate any adverse impacts due to this retirement: we will activate the new version of Azure AD Connect at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 18. This action will initiate a full export job that is expected to run for one to three days.

Please note that no new changes will be synchronized to Azure AD until after the full export job has been completed. This includes new user accounts, new shared mailboxes, license changes, UTORmail migrations and name changes. EASI will provide status updates on the ITS System Status page.

We thank you for your patience during the scheduled upgrade. This change will contribute to the overall security of the University’s tenant and will help to ensure its compliance with industry standards.

Please contact Ian Thomas at with additional questions.

Kind regards,

EASI Communications

Connect+Learn: New Teams Meeting Options

Microsoft has recently released a slew of new updates to its Teams meeting options. Join Connect+Learn for an overview of these new options and learn how you can use them to better manage your meetings.

Topics covered will include:

  • New lobby options.
  • Updated camera and audio permissions for sessions attendees.
  • Manage your meeting chat via meeting options.
  • And more…


Notice regarding UTORmail account closures

Date: May 28, 2021
To: InfoTech
From: Information Technology Services
Re: Notice regarding UTORmail account closures


Good afternoon,

Information Technology Services (ITS) is in the process of migrating all remaining eligible UTORmail email accounts to Office 365 (UTmail+) by September 2021.

UTORmail account holders will start receiving email communications from ITS notifying them of their eligibility to upgrade to Office 365 email.

Community members who are not eligible for an Office 365 account will be notified and can find detailed information on preparing their account for closure. A schedule of these communications will be made available in the IT Service Centre.

We will be working directly with local IT help desk units as required throughout the course of this project.

Please refer to the UTORmail decommissioning project website for more details.

We thank you for your support throughout this transition.

Kind regards,

Information Technology Services (ITS), University of Toronto

Upcoming change to shared mailbox Sent Items folder

Date: May 25, 2021
University of Toronto IT community
Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
Re: Upcoming change to shared mailbox Sent Items folder


Good morning, 

On June 3, 2021, the Digital Workplace will implement an improvement that modifies the way sent messages are displayed in all University of Toronto (U of T) shared mailboxes in the Outlook desktop application. While this server-level modification will be beneficial and seamless for most users, it may cause minor email display issues for U of T users whose machines have been previously configured by their local IT divisions. 

We want to keep the U of T IT community informed of this change as help desks may receive questions from impacted users. Please read this email carefully to understand the nature of the change that will be implemented and how this will impact the University’s community of shared mailbox users. 



By default, Microsoft has automapped shared mailboxes in the Outlook desktop application so that email messages sent from shared mailbox accounts can only be viewed in the Sent Items folder of the email sender 

The solution the Digital Workplace team will implement on June 3 ensures that all emails sent from a shared mailbox will now appear in the Sent Items folder of the shared mailbox account. Additionally, emails sent from shared mailbox accounts will continue to appear in the Sent Items folder of the primary sender. 

How this change will impact shared mailboxes 

For most shared mailbox users, this change will be seamless: they will simply be able to view all items sent from a shared mailbox account in that account’s Sent Items folder in the Outlook desktop application. Additionally, users will continue to see the emails they send from a shared mailbox email address in their personal Sent Items folders. 

However, on a divisional level, some machines may already have a version of this workaround in place. In these instances, the June 3 update will create an additional rule and users with previously modified machines may see duplicates of sent emails in their shared mailbox Sent Items folders. This will not affect the functionality of shared mailboxes, but the Digital Workplace recommends: 

    • ‘Undoing’ previously implemented workarounds to the Microsoft shared mailbox configuration before June 3 (when possible). 
    • Informing impacted end users that even though they see duplicate copies of emails in the Sent Items folders, the emails they sent were only sent once. An FAQ for impacted end users can be found in the IT Service Centre. 
    • Informing your IT support team of the upcoming change and the solutions to user-reported errors. 

For additional information, we ask that you review this knowledge base article.

Kind regards, 

EASI Communications