Business Continuity Planning Tool

The goal of business continuity planning is to enable us to continue the campus “business” (teaching, research, and public service) regardless of any disruption that may befall us.  If a severe disruption renders us unable to continue, our goal must be to resume as much teaching, research, and public service as possible within a very short time – hopefully no more than 30 days.

The University of Toronto has adopted an on-line business continuity planning tool to help your department prepare for adverse events which could be disruptive to your teaching and research mission. We will refer to this as the Business Continuity Planning Tool (BCPT).  The BCPT tool can be found at:


The BCPT project is sponsored by the Vice President, Human Resources and Equity as part of an overall plan for emergency preparedness and crisis planning.  EASI is assisting with the development and support of the tool.