Business Intelligence

University of Toronto Business Intelligence (UTBI) is a service-oriented program that supports analytical reporting and strategic planning initiatives at the UofT.  It helps staff and faculty make fact-based decisions in all areas of operations allowing the University to respond to the changing needs of its students.

Information on admissions, course and program enrolments, residence choices, student awards and co-curricular activities have been captured within the UTBI data warehouse and made available through a variety of analytics tools / reports.

UTBI also partners with U of T’s Planning and Budget Office to provide resources through the University of Toronto Data Hub. The Hub is a collection of institutional data and meta-data, and contains guidance for staff on how to find internal data resources such as administrative and public-facing reports, data dictionary, data governance procedures, available Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and how to request access to these resources.

Need to access to existing reports and cubes?  Download the UTBI request form.