About UTBI

The UTBI Team:

The UTBI team are experts in developing and implementing analytical applications.

  • Robert Jordan – Manager
  • Diana Avon – Data Architect
  • Christine Beckermann – UTBI Administrator, Project Manager
  • Alexandra Agostino – Project Manager
  • Louise Tardif – Programmer Analyst
  • Anton Kruger – Programmer Analyst
  • Brenda Boshoff – Database Administrator

Key Contacts:

UTBI has a list of key contacts for specific data marts. These individuals are advanced knowledge workers and experts in their information areas. They can provide expert advice on cube use and information, as well as offer cube training.


Helen Chang, Planning & Budget: helen.chang@utoronto.ca

Graduate Student Support:

Jeff Waldman, Planning & Budget: jeffrey.waldman@utoronto.ca

Research Information:

Nadia Saracoglu, Research Services: nadia.saracoglu@utoronto.ca

Hours of Availability:

Normal hours of availability for UTBI Connection are daily from 4am to midnight.