Electronic Document Management

Did you know that on average, employees email 2 or more documents a day to an average of 5 people for review? This creates 10 new documents per day that are often stored in multiple locations. (Source: Harmon.ie, 2011) Managing information is harder than ever, and electronic document and records management is an emerging area of interest at the University of Toronto.

Document management is a vast and oftentimes confusing topic. Essentially, it refers to how an organization stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents. It can include a wide variety of processes, systems and features.

Building and maintaining an eDMS system is a significant investment in both tools and people. It requires on-going care and attention. It’s not for everyone or every scenario, and it shouldn’t be a random decision. EASI can help clients navigate the process of planning, selecting, implementing and governing an electronic document management solution.

EASI is happy to provide the following services with respect to electronic document management:

  • consulting on product selection, information architecture, implementation and governance
  • product evaluations
  • best practices and tips
  • sample job descriptions
  • links to training resources

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