Implementing an Electronic Document Solution

Document management solutions come in a variety of sizes, price points and specialities. The marketplace is large and competitive with products geared toward specific scenarios and industries. It’s important to select one that works for you. There are numerous divisional products in use across the University. These include Laserfiche, Docushare and SharePoint.

SharePoint Online is the only enterprise-wide document/content management solution currently available at University of Toronto. It is suitable for most general document management needs.

Five Steps for Success

Implementing a document management solution generally follows a five step process. It is critical to note that this process extends beyond the solution’s implementation into governance and continuous improvement.

  1. Plan: Start to think about your needs, define your requirements, evaluate and select an option.
  2. Design: Design your system/site, including how it will be used and supported long-term.
  3. Build: Build out your solution. This stage should also include implementation, training and migration plans.
  4. Maintain: Use the processes established in the Design stage to monitor the solution, reinforce good practices and encourage adoption.
  5. Grow/ Improve: Gather feedback from users, look for things that can be improved and potentially add new features.

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