SAPLPD Known Problems

Version 2.55/NT

With SAPGUI 4.5B, the initial distribution made available here on the web site contained a version of SAPLPD that resulted in the following message:
Error: The printer ‘LPT1′ is unknown to Windows’ Print Manager. Error: Printer LPT1 not found This was corrected in the present version of the installation program and in addition a self extracting EXE file was made available that included JUST the SAPLPD components.

Version 2.29

If you get a message to the effect that SAPLPD is unable to resolve the “hostname” of the PC, you can resolve this issue in a number of ways. You can make sure the PC is a registered IP address and you Domain Name Server (DNS) information is configured correctly. Alternativley you can add your PC IP address to your local hosts file (usually C:\LWP\TCP\HOSTS) as a workaround. If you use the HOSTS file approach, make sure that there is not a line in your RESOLV.CFG file that says SEARCH DNS. RESOLV.CFG is found in the same directory as the HOSTS file.

There was a problem with multiple queued jobs. This has been resolved at the host end. There is no longer a need to use the older version of SAPLPD.

There is a known problem exiting Windows after quitting SAPLPD. If you exit Windows and allow SAPLPD to close as Windows closes, things work fine. If you close SAPLPD manually before exiting Windows you will find you get the “black screen of death or BSOD (as Microsoft calls it…)” problem. The work around is to allow SAPLPD to close on its own as Windows closes.