Upgrade to Office 365 (UTmail+) Email

This procedure is intended for upgrading personal @utoronto.ca UTORmail email accounts. If you need to upgrade a shared mailbox (i.e. an account where the UTORid used for login is not your personal one), refer to the shared mailbox upgrade instructions instead.

Please read through the entire upgrade procedure prior to starting.

1. Pre-migration checklist

If you are eligible to upgrade your personal account, prepare by reviewing the pre-migration checklist below or on the IT Service Centre knowledge base.

If you believe that you are eligible for an Office 365 (UTmail+) email account but received a message stating that you were not eligible while attempting to self-upgrade, you will need to fill out the Modification Request for UTmail+ Eligibility form stating why you are eligible. The Decommissioning team will follow up with you with instructions on how to proceed.

Pre-migration checklist

If you are eligible for Office 365 (UTmail+) email and will be migrating from UTORmail, there are some mailbox preparations we recommend you complete:

  • Prepare for automatic message transfer
    • Manage large messages and multiple attachments: KB0012523
    • Clean up folder names. Please rename any folder whose label includes special characters (such as &, ~, or any accented or non-English letter). You can change the labels back after the upgrade is complete. Also rename folders specifically labelled “Files” or “Archive”, as these are reserved names in UTmail+.
  • Export your contacts
    • Export contacts from Outlook for Windows: KB0012526
    • Export contacts from Outlook for Mac: KB0012527
    • Export contacts from Thunderbird: KB0012528
    • Export contacts from Webmail: KB0012529
  • If you have been using iOS Notes with your UTORmail account, back up your notes: KB0012524

2. Initiate upgrade of personal account

Once you have completed the pre-migration checklist, you can begin the upgrade process on your account. To do so, follow these steps: 

    1. Go to the UTORid Management page at utorid.utoronto.ca. 
    2. Click on the link near the bottom of the page labelled Upgrade to UTmail+
    3. Sign in with your UTORid and password. 
    4. Follow screen prompts to choose the transfer settings, such as whether pre-existing messages should be transferred to the new mailbox. Be sure to submit the form by clicking on the final button at the bottom of the page.

Upon completion of the online form, the upgrade process will automatically begin. You will be locked out of your UTORmail mailbox at this point. Expect to wait a couple of hours for your upgraded email account to become active on Office 365 email (mail.utoronto.ca). 

Messages being transferred from UTORmail will “trickle over” to the new Office 365 (UTmail+) mailbox over the next couple of days; the length of time required depends on the amount of content being moved. 

3. Post-upgrade configuration

3a. Check that your upgrade is complete

    1. After waiting at least two to four hours for your account to be upgraded, verify your UTORid and password at: https://uoft.me/verify. This tool is also available on the UTORid Management website under Verify your UTORid and password.   
    2. Sign in to https://mail.utoronto.ca with your UTORid and password. Your inbox should appear.   
    3. You can continue using Office 365 (UTmail+) email over the web, or configure a mail client such as Outlook to work with your new mailbox. Step-by-step documentation is available for various configurations in the Information Commons Knowledge Base.

If an error is still appearing more than 24 hours after the upgrade, take a screenshot or copy down the text of the error message and open a ticket with the Information Commons Help Desk.

3b. Reimport any contacts or attach personal folders to your new mailbox

  • Reattach personal folders and contacts for Outlook 2016 on Windows: KB0012525
  • Import contacts to UTmail+ on the web: KB0012758
  • Import contacts to Outlook on Windows: KB0012759
  • Import contacts to Outlook for Mac: KB0012760
  • Import contacts to Thunderbird: KB0012762

3c. Student email address change

If you are a current student who upgraded from UTORmail, your primary school email address now ends in “@mail.utoronto.ca”. You will temporarily continue to receive mail sent to your previous @utoronto.ca address. Please inform your contacts of your email address change to minimize any risk of missed correspondence. 

3d. Recommended: Set up self-serve password reset

The UTORid Management website (https://utorid.utoronto.ca) provides you with the ability to change the password associated with your UTORid. If you have not changed your password since 2015, be sure to change it to meet the upgraded security requirements. It is also good practice to change your password regularly (such as annually) to reduce your risk of being hacked. 

Additionally, we recommend that you set up the self-serve password reset feature on your account using the “set up your password reset/account management options” link on the UTORid Management site. Activating this feature will let you use a recovery email address or cellphone number to reset a forgotten password at your convenience, instead of needing to contact the Info Commons Help Desk. 

3e. Recommended: Enroll in UTORMFA 

The University of Toronto has launched UTORMFA, a multi-factor authentication solution that provides enhanced security for internal systems like UTmail+. If you are already enrolled in UTORMFA, your UTmail+ account will automatically be protected by UTORMFA. Active staff, faculty, and students can self-enroll or find out more by going to https://isea.utoronto.ca/services/utormfa/. 

Get Help

Access the Enterprise Service Centre (ESC) to open an incident ticket.