SAPLPD Configuration Information

The SAPLPD program is a small Windows utility program that allows lpd print jobs to pass from the network through your PC to a printer port.

Installation and configuration is relatively simple. For the most part you simply RUN the SAPLPD.EXE program.

IMPORTANT: SAPLPD MUST be running on the PC for print jobs to pass through the PC to the printer. This program is in ADDITION to the SAPGUI progra m used to access the AMS system. If the SAPLPD program is not running, print jobs will simply queue up waiting for your PC to accept them.

The most common way to do this is to add it to the StartUp group in Windows so that it runs as Windows starts. Normally there is little to see in the SAPLPD log window so you can set it to “Run Minimized” so it will quietly run as an icon and pass print jobs through.

In case of problems, first check the list of SAPLPD Known Problems . If that fails to resolve the problem, email the Client Services Support (CSS) Team.

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