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What is uTime (Kronos)? How is it different from Timelink?

uTIME, also known as Kronos, is University of Toronto’s time collection web-based system. Eventually Timelink will be replaced by uTIME.

Where do I login to uTime (Kronos)?

Go to http://uoft.me/myutime

For more logon information go to  ‘How Do I Login?’ question from the Employee Q&A section.

What is a UTORid?

All faculty, staff and student members of the University community have an established identity with University systems.  UTORid, combined with your password, is your key to many University services. Students, faculty, and staff receive a letter with their offer / acceptance package that has directions for getting a TCard. When you visit the TCard office, you will be given your UTORid and a Secret Activation Key (SAK) to register for your UTORid which becomes your login credentials for a variety of services at the University.

How do I download the Kronos Mobile App?

Mobile access for uTime is currently not available.
See the Workforce ready Mobile Resource page.

I am receiving a Java error message. What do I do?

Please contact your divisional IT representative for assistance

Where do I go for help?

Go to Q&A for Supervisors & Managers or Q&A for Employees for additional information .

Still need an answer? Contact: utime@utoronto.ca

Why are we implementing uTIME (Kronos)?

KPE’s current time and attendance process is manually intensive, cumbersome, and time consuming.  In addition to posing serious security risks, the many handoffs and multiple points of data entry result in errors in employee pay each pay period.  These require additional resources to resolve in a separate and equally time consuming process.

I am accessing uTIME (Kronos) from my PC. What browsers are supported?

Although Supported browsers for uTIME  include Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above (up to the version supported by Java clients) Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 and above Safari 2.0.3 and above, we recommend Mozilla Firefox.

I am unable to swipe in at the clock. Now what?

Please see your supervisor.

If there is a technical issue with the clock, you can email utime@utoronto.com or contact your local IT support for help.
Alternatively, a user can record hours using your mobile device or PC. Your supervisor will also be able to record your hours on your behalf.