Normal hours of availability for AMS including ESS, ERDD, MROL, Capital Project & Invoice Workflow Solution (IWS)

Daily, 7:00 AM – 1:00 AM (next day)
RPT is also available daily from 7:00 AM – 1:00 AM and is a copy of the previous day’s AMS content.

Administrative Web Services are not available during specified evenings of the month due to U of T payroll runs, and on occasional weekends due to system maintenance. Planned outages are posted each month.

Regular Monthly Availability due to Bi-Weekly, Monthly Pay, Financial Month End and Upgrade/Maintenance

AMS (including ESS, ERDD, MROL), Capital Project & Invoice Workflow Solution (IWS), will be unavailable on the following dates and times in November 2017. This schedule is subject to change from time to time.


November 2017

  • From 5:00PM Monday November 20, 2017 to 7:00AM Tuesday November 21, 2017, due to Phase II of Monthly Pay Period 11.
  • From 6:00PM Tuesday November 21 2017 to 7:00AM Wednesday November 22, 2017, due to Bi-Weekly Pay Period 24.
  • From 5:00PM Thursday November 30, 2017 to 7:00AM Friday December 1, 2017, to facilitate the processing of FIS Monthend.


RPT (AMS Reporting System) – Planned outages

  • Currently, there are no planned outages for RPT.


MR (My Research) – Planned Outages

  • Currently, there are no planned outages.

For comments/queries, please contact the AMS Production Control via email at: