AMS System Access Forms

Applying for Access to the AMS System

You will need an eToken to pass through the security wall that protects the AMS system. eToken purchasing will be processed at the department level by designated eToken administrators. For more information on this initiative, please go directly to the eToken site

To purchase an eToken, contact your department access control rep or department eToken administrator.

Step 1: Request Form — For Access to the AMS System

Step 2: Request for Access to the Administrative System Modules

The AMS System is based on the software products known as SAP, which comprises many functional modules including the following:

  • FIS—Financial Information System
  • HRIS—Human Resource Information System
  • RIS—Research Information System
  • CP—Capital Projects
  • F&S—Facilities and Services

To apply for access to any of these modules, applicants should contact their  Business Officer or Access Control Rep for guidance. Department reps or contact persons should ensure applicants’ forms are filled out correctly and signed appropriately before they are submitted. Since user accounts are set up in the AMS System through the employee position number, assigned by HR, please ensure this important number is on the form, (position number not required for casual employees.)

Below is a list and description of the various Divisional and Central modules available in the AMS System.

Divisional Access Forms

If you work in a faculty or department, please complete the appropriate divisional access forms listed below:

Central Access Forms

If you work in one of the following central areas, please complete the appropriate system access form listed below:

Note: to request access to ARBOR, please go to . From within the Help Desk, select the Request Type “ARBOR Support” and then “Access Request”.