Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration
4th and 5th Floors
215 Huron Street
Downtown Campus
University of Toronto
Toronto ON, M5S 1A2

Selected Contacts

Swetlana Signarowski

Executive Director
(416) 978-6344

Cathy Eberts
(416) 978-4257

Pamela Harris

Associate Director, EASI
(416) 946-3910

Mariana Vardaei

Executive Assistant & Office Administrator
(416) 946-8233

Katie Babcock

EASI/NGSIS Senior Communications Officer
(416) 946-8087

Student Information Systems (SIS)

Vikram Chadalawada

Assistant Director, SIS
(416) 978-7258

Gerald Lindo

Senior Project Manager
(416) 816-2400

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

Gary Raposo

Acting Assistant Director, HRIS
(416) 946-3301

Hélène Daviau, Assistant Director, HRIS (On Leave)

Application Development Financial Information Systems (FIS)

John Ogg

Assistant Director, FIS
(416) 978-0161

User Experience & Process Design (UXPD)

Amanda Werkhaizer

Manager, User Experience & Process Design
(416) 978-4240

Enterprise Shared Services (EntSS) & Digital Workplace (DW)

Gary Raposo

Assistant Director, Enterprise Shared Services & Digital Workplace
(416) 946-3301

Technical Services & Architecture

Frank Boshoff

Assistant Director, Technical Solutions & Architecture
(416) 978-2695

Reporting & Analytics Technology (RAA Tech)

Praveen Narayanaswamy

Acting Manager, RAA Tech
(416) 616-0177

Brenda Boshoff, Manager, RAA Tech (On Leave)