Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration
4th and 5th Floors
215 Huron Street
Downtown Campus
University of Toronto
Toronto ON, M5S 1A2

Selected Contacts

Cathy Eberts

Director, Enterprise Applications and Deputy CIO
(416) 978-4257

Pamela Harris

Associate Director, EASI
(416) 946-3910

Gerald Lindo

Enterprise Portfolio Projects
(416) 433-2568

Mariana Vardaei

Executive Assistant and Office Administrator
(416) 946-8233

Katie Babcock

EASI/NGSIS Senior Communications Officer
(416) 946-8087

Student Information Systems (SIS)

Financial & Student Account Information Systems (FIS)

John Ogg

Senior Manager, FIS
(416) 978-0161

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

User Experience & Process Design (UX)

Paul Day

Manager, User Experience and Process Design
(416) 946-5021

Business Intelligence (BI)

Steve Pimentel

Senior Manager, Business Intelligence & Data Technology
(416) 946-8140

Enterprise Shared Services (ESS)

Gary Raposo

Senior Manager, Enterprise Shared Services
(416) 946-3301

Technical Services/Operations

Frank Boshoff

Senior Manager, Technical Solutions and Architecture
(416) 978-2695