In reviewing options to upgrade and modernize U of T Administrative Management Systems, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) will use the latest SAP technology to upgrade all systems – providing a consistent, intuitive and streamlined user experience.

The U of T Enterprise Modernization Program is a three-to five- year project that will transform the entire HR Talent Management Suite and the core HR, Research and Finance systems. This project will also upgrade existing technology to a more robust cloud platform with an in-memory database for faster system performance.

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EASI is currently launching the next phase of the U of T Enterprise Modernization Project, called the S/4HANA Migration. As part of this phase, we are moving to a new platform. Learn more about the detailed implementation plan.


HR Transformation (using SAP SuccessFactors)

  • Staff Learning Management
  • Performance and Goals
  • Recruitment, On-Boarding
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Central

Finance System Upgrade (S/4HANA)

Research System Upgrade (HANA)

Hardware/Database Upgrade (SAP HANA – in-memory database)


Human Resources Transformation (SAP SuccessFactors)

  • A new “one-stop shop” with an integrated, flexible, and easy to use HR technology suite from hire to retire.

  • A self-service experience that will increase engagement and reduce administration.

  • Improved talent acquisition through advanced branding, marketing and onboarding career sites.

  • Analytics allowing managers improved visibility into U of T talent pools.

  • Ability to link learning to employee development goals and compliance training using dynamic online material or links to external online learning sources.

Financial and Research Transformation

  • A new universal financial journal, significantly reducing system complexity/reconciliation efforts.

  • Vast improvements in system performance with in-memory processing power.

  • Availability of application specific analytics in new SAP products, as needed, when needed.

  • New web development tools allowing for a consumer grade user experience for Research Services and other custom developed applications at U of T.


HR: Learning Management from early to late 2019. HR: Performance Management from early 2019 to late 2019. HR: Employee Central from mid 2021 to late 2023. HR: Recruitment from mid 2019 to mid 2020. HR Succession Planning and On-Boarding mid 2020 to late 2021. Research Portal: Improved User Experience mid 2019 to late 2021. Finance: Upgrade Core SAP System to HANA and S/4HANA. Finance: Improved User Experience from early 2021 to late 2023. Move Hardware to Cloud early 2019 to late 2019. Upgrade hardware to HANA early 2020 to late 2020. Development freeze on all core system applications early 2020 to late 2020.


Human Resources System: Recruitment, On-Boarding, Performance and Goals, Learning Management and Succession Planning will connect with Employee Profile and Employee Central. The new core Finance System, S/4HANA, will provide reduced complexity and improved performance. The Research Information System will have an upgraded user experience. Underlying all of these systems will be upgraded infrastructure with an in-memory database and 24/7 support.