U of T Enterprise Modernization Program

The U of T Enterprise Modernization Program is set to upgrade the Administrative Management Systems and transform the future for more than 33,000 staff and faculty.

In reviewing options to upgrade and modernize U of T Administrative Management Systems, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) will use the latest SAP technology to upgrade all systems – providing a consistent, intuitive and streamlined user experience.

The U of T Enterprise Modernization Program is a three-to five- year project that will transform the entire HR Talent Management Suite and the core HR, Research and Finance systems. This project will also upgrade existing technology to a more robust cloud platform with an in-memory database for faster system performance.

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On November 3, 2021, EASI launched the next phase of the U of T Enterprise Modernization Project, called the S/4HANA Migration. As part of this phase, we moved to new platform. Learn more about the detailed implementation plan.


HR Transformation (using SAP SuccessFactors)

  • Staff Learning Management
  • Performance and Goals
  • Recruitment, On-Boarding
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Central

Finance System Upgrade (S/4HANA)

Research System Upgrade (HANA)

Hardware/Database Upgrade (SAP HANA – in-memory database)


Human Resources Transformation (SAP SuccessFactors)

  • A new “one-stop shop” with an integrated, flexible, and easy to use HR technology suite from hire to retire.

  • A self-service experience that will increase engagement and reduce administration.

  • Improved talent acquisition through advanced branding, marketing and onboarding career sites.

  • Analytics allowing managers improved visibility into U of T talent pools.

  • Ability to link learning to employee development goals and compliance training using dynamic online material or links to external online learning sources.

Financial and Research Transformation

  • A new universal financial journal, significantly reducing system complexity/reconciliation efforts.
  • Vast improvements in system performance with in-memory processing power.
  • Availability of application specific analytics in new SAP products, as needed, when needed.
  • New web development tools allowing for a consumer grade user experience for Research Services and other custom developed applications at U of T.


  • A – Task: HR: Learning Management, Starts January 2019, Ends December 2019
  • B – Task: HR: Performance Management, Starts January 2019, Ends December 2019
  • C – Task: HR: Recruitment, Starts June 2019, Ends May 2020
  • D – Task: HR: Employee Central, Starts January 2022, Ends December 2023
  • E – Task: HR: Onboarding, Starts September 2022, Ends December 2023
  • F – Task: Research Portal: Improved User Experience, Starts June 2019, Ends December 2023
  • G – Task: Finance: Upgraded Core SAP System to HANA & S4 Finance, Starts January 2020, Ends December 2020
  • H – Task: Finance: Improved User Experience, Starts September 2021, Ends December 2023
  • I – Task: Move Hardware to Cloud, Starts January 2019, Ends December 2019
  • J – Task: Upgrade Hardware to HANA, Starts January 2020, Ends December 2020
  • K – Task: Development Freeze on all Core System Applications, Starts January 2020, Ends December 2020


Human Resources System: Recruitment, On-Boarding, Performance and Goals, Learning Management and Succession Planning will connect with Employee Profile and Employee Central. The new core Finance System, S/4HANA, will provide reduced complexity and improved performance. The Research Information System will have an upgraded user experience. Underlying all of these systems will be upgraded infrastructure with an in-memory database and 24/7 support.