AMS/SAP Advisory Council

The AMS/SAP Advisory Council meets three times a year. The goal of this council is to promote and champion the SAP modernization program and AMS systems to advance the goals of the University; to consult and communicate with respective constituencies regarding AMS priorities; to review and refine priorities, expectations, and success indicators for the AMS systems; to identify and approve working groups in order to address policy and process improvements; to receive and provide feedback to associated working groups and standing committees; and to approve high-level strategy and budget submissions for the AMS systems.

Council Members

  • Swetlana Signarowski (Chair), Executive Director – Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
  • Maya Collum, Manager, Research Application Development & Maintenance, Application Development Financial Information System – Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
  • John Ogg, Assistant Director, Application Development Financial Information System – Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
  • Gary Raposo, Acting Assistant Director, Human Resources Information Systems – Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
  • Erin Jackson, Chief Human Resources Officer – Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture
  • Cherilyn Nobleza, Executive Director, HR Transformation & Analytics – Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture
  • Renee Brost, Chief Administrative Officer – Division of The Vice-President, Research & Innovation
  • Darrel Fernandopulle, Director, Financial Services – Facilities & Services
  • Ron Saporta, Chief Operation Officer, Property Services and Sustainability – Facilities & Services
  • Horatio Bot (Divisional Representative), Executive Director, Faculty Budget, Planning & Finance Office – Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Trevor Rodgers, Chief Financial Officer – Financial Services Department
  • Alex Matos, Director – Internal Audit Department
  • Bo Wandschneider, Chief Information Officer – Office of the Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services
  • Jeff Lennon, Assistant Vice-President, Planning & Budget – Planning and Budget
  • Renata Faverin, Director – Procurement Services
  • Victoria Ostler (Divisional Representative), Chief Administrative Officer – Rotman School of Management
  • Christine Esteban (Divisional Representative), Executive Director – UTM Budget, Planning & Finance
  • Amy Ng (Divisional Representative), Assistant Director, Accounting and Special Projects – UTSC Financial Services
  • Helen Bao (Divisional Representative), Executive Financial Officer – Vice-President, Operations & Real Estate Partnerships