Accommodated Tests and Exams

Following consultation with a cross section of students, instructors, staff and senior leadership, Accommodated Testing Services (ATS) is bringing accommodated tests and exams services to the next level, implementing new processes and technology to support a growing need at the University.

Users will find the process transparent, seamless and intuitive, providing easy online access to information through pre-existing University platforms.

Compensation Planning Tool

This new tool will better meet departmental and divisional needs for accurate, multi-year compensation planning, and will improve the University’s long-range operating budget process – a process that accounts for 70 per cent of the University’s total expenditures.

Digital Workplace Intune Migration

This year, the University of Toronto’s Digital Workplace team will migrate its clients’ computers to Microsoft Intune, a powerful cloud-based mobile device management service, from its legacy Managed Desktop Service. The migration to Intune will introduce a modern desktop experience for a modern workplace.

Secure U of T Advanced Threat Protections

Information Security is applying advanced Microsoft 365 Defender security features to a subset of staff and faculty at the University. These security features will provide an added layer of protection to Microsoft 365 accounts and will safeguard the community against malicious threats posed by attachments, links and documents.

U of T Enterprise Modernization Program

In reviewing options to upgrade and modernize U of T Administrative Management Systems, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) will use the latest SAP technology to upgrade all systems – providing a consistent, intuitive and streamlined user experience.

UTORmail Decommissioning Project 

The University of Toronto has ​moved from the​ legacy UTORmail email service to Office 365 (UTmail+), an email platform powered by Microsoft 365. By the end of 2021, the University will  migrate all remaining eligible UTORmail email accounts to Office 365 and decommission the UTORmail service.