Transfer Credit Equivalencies

Project Overview

The University of Toronto is currently improving the way that transfer credit equivalencies data is managed and presented to staff, students and prospective students. Updated student and administrative applications will provide users with a more modern user experience, enhanced search capabilities, and streamlined processes.

Student Application

An updated, redesigned Transfer Explorer application will help undergraduate and prospective students discover how courses will transfer for degree credit at U of T, including interdivisional, external, and international exchange credits.


  • Provides improved search functionality with autosuggestions that focus on specific courses or subject areas.
  • Increases transparency by displaying easy-to-understand, consistent data, and additional information on how to understand different credit types.
  • Provides an intuitive, accessible and mobile-friendly interface.
  • Allows students to view interdivisional equivalencies for a U of T course using reverse lookup functionality.

Administrative Application

The existing application, Transfer Navigator, will be replaced by Transfer Credit Equivalencies in the Online Administrative Student Information Services platform (OASIS). This application is designed to simplify the process of searching for, creating, assessing, and granting transfer credits.


  • Ensures consistency in data and eases administrators’ workloads through a new database.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface with structured data entry, division-dependent drop-down selections.
  • Increases data accuracy by enabling administrators to monitor the expiration of equivalencies, as well as renew, expire, and set expiration period.
  • Allows administrators to specify and categorize equivalency data according to equivalency type.


  • A – Task: Design, Starts November 2021, Ends October 2022
  • B – Task: Development and Internal Testing, Starts February 2022, Ends January 2023
  • C – Task: UAT, Starts January 2023, Ends January 2023
  • D – Task: Change Management/Communications, Starts January 2022, Ends September 2023


Pierre Hanna
Team Lead – SIS Products and Applications
Student Information Systems