Microsoft Teams Room (MTR)

Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) is an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution, designed to deliver consistent Teams experiences.

The native Microsoft Teams touch screen UI provides a consistent user experience with simple operation and one-touch meeting joins.​
It uses Microsoft-certified hardware created by leading industry partners like Crestron, Logitech, Poly, HP, & Lenovo.

MTR Home Screen

  • Join a scheduled meeting by selecting the meeting.​
    • Note: To get a meeting to show up on the room console, organizers should set the room as the meeting location.​
  • Start a new meeting by selecting Meet now.
  • Make a phone call by selecting Dial pad and dialling a number.​
  • Project your laptop by plugging in the cable connected to the console.


Microsoft Teams Rooms home screen
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Components of a Teams Room​

  • Compute module (for running your Teams experience)​
  • Access to the Microsoft Teams Rooms dedicated application​
  • Touchscreen console (for controlling your Teams experience)​
  • Peripheral devices like speakers, microphones, and cameras​
  • Up to 2 external screens for projecting your meeting software onto​
  • HDMI inputs for plug-and-play functionality


Layout of components used in a Teams Room
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Two-Display Option

Dual-monitor configurations allow for remote attendees to be on equal footing with in-person attendees.

Dual-monitor configuration to show meeting content and remote attendees
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