Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit - Web Application Update

Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) along with Financial Services is pleased to announce that a new version of the ERDD-web application launched on June 14, 2021. 

The new ERDD-web application leverages SAP’s new interface design principles, which provides an updated user interface with improved usability and accessibility. Based on testing done to date, we expect this to be a low change impact and business processes will remain the same.

This application is also part of the overall U of T Enterprise Modernization Program – a project that is set to upgrade the administrative management systems and transform the future for more than 33,000 staff and faculty.


  • Improved accessible user experience.
  • Modernized, simplified interface:
    • Displays all claims on the homepage for easy tracking.
    • Allows you to select only items that are important to your claim (e.g. if you only need to create a claim for taxi costs – you simply select this item vs. searching through all claim options).
    • Allows you to finish tasks more efficiently.
  • Improved search functionality.

Connect+Learn Sessions:

View a past recording of a one-hour Connect+Learn session with the FAST Team to find out more about this application:

This session provides:

  • What has changed and what has not changed.
  • Navigating the new interface.
  • How to save/submit ERDDs.
  • How to search and locate ERDD claims.

Documentation & Support:

Visit the updated ERDD-web application Documentation & Support page.


On the launch date, will I need to login to ERDD-web another way? 
No. You will login the same way as you currently do, using your UTORid. You will continue to see ERDD appear with Employee Self-Service, Manager Self-Service and/or My Research.

How is this new application different compared to the current ERDD-web application? 
While business processes will remain the same, you will use a simplified, accessible interface to complete your claims. When you first login to the new application, you will conveniently see all of your claims displayed on the homepage

You can also search and sort through your claims with improved functionality, including search by Audit Number, FI Document Number, Claim Name, Personnel Number, Claimant Name, Status and Last Updated On.

Will the new interface affect my existing ERDD-web claims or those in progress? 
No, the new interface will not impact existing claims or those in progress.

Will this change affect my ability to connect with the existing AMS SAP GUI environment to process claims using SAP GUI ERDD Transaction (ZER01)?  
No. Processes will remain the same with this updated version of ERDD-web and will not impact the SAP GUI ERDD transaction.


Financial Information System – Financial Advisory Services and Training (FAST):  fast.help@utoronto.ca