VoIP Billing Project

Since early 2017, U of T has been transitioning over 12,000 faculty and staff from a Bell phone system to VoIP. Now that this massive initiative is almost complete, Financial Services, in partnership with Information Technology Services, is excited to improve reporting and billing for end users.

As part of this next phase of the project, U of T will be moving towards an automated billing process with custom SAP Reports to increase efficiency and provide more transparency, including complete costs for line charges, hardware, long-distance and the details of each charge.

The new process will involve two reports – VoIP Recurring and Hardware Charges, and Long Distance.


  • Transparent process that shows accurate and complete charges in two new reports
  • Increased efficiency with reports that span multiple billing months or a range of months
  • Faster reconciling and reporting with improved filtering, and ability to view sub-totals and totals
  • Increased efficiency and flexibility by using the default report layout or creating custom report layouts
  • Improved reporting and transparency on rejected charges, allowing staff to be more proactive in managing budgets
  • Increased data integrity with automated process


  • A – Task: Process Enhancements & Development, Starts September 2019, Ends March 2020
  • B – Task: Quality Assurance, Starts February 2020, Ends April 2020
  • C – Task: Change Management, Starts April 2020, Ends August 2020
  • D – Task: UAT, Starts May 2020, Ends May 2020
  • E – Task: Go Live, Starts June 2020, Ends June 2020
  • F – Task: Training & Support, Starts June 2020, Ends August 2020