UTORid Password Reset

This service works by using alternate email or mobile number provided by the user to allow U of T to send a unique six (6) digit code to their alternate (non U of T) email or via SMS (text) to enable a password reset using the tool.

Existing UTORid passwords cannot be retrieved and therefore have to be changed. If you have an idea of what your password might be, go to the UTORid password verification page to try it out.

There are two ways to reset a forgotten UTORid password:

  • If you have already registered with the UTORid Account Recovery Service, click on the UTORid Password Reset (For Registered Users) button below.
  • If you have not registered with the UTORid Account Recovery Service please visit your campus Help Desk for assistance

Note: U of T staff, faculty, students, and alumni may register for the UTORid Account Recovery Service to enable convenient password reset via alternate email or SMS (mobile phone). You will need to know your UTORid password to register for this service.

UTORid Password Reset (For Registered Users)
Register for UTORid Account Recovery Service