Generating ROSI and ROSI Express Reports

Join Connect+Learn for a session on Generating ROSI and ROSI Express Reports. This session will explore several methods that staff in academic units and Registrars’ Offices can use to generate class lists, reports, and downloads of ROSI information. The initial focus of this session will be on the new class list report which is generated from ROSI Express using Power BI. Attendees will be shown a basic feature set and how to navigate the refreshed interface. Current ROSI screens used for report generation and how to pick up the file output from ROSI Files will also be explained. Similarly, the downloads portion of this session will explain how to access file output and formatting files, including headers, for practical use.

Topics to be addressed:

  • New Class List reports in ROSI Express (Power BI)
  • Sending ROSI reports to ROSI Files (pdf and Excel formats)
  • Download basics (time permitting)


    Recording [Stream]
    Slides [SharePoint]