Setup (Windows 10)

Start Menu

Pin To Taskbar

1) Right-click on any open application and select “Pin to taskbar”

Pin to Desktop

1) Open Edge and navigate to the website you want to pin. Copy web address.

2) Right-click on desktop. Select New > Shortcut

3) Paste the web address. Click Next.

4) Give the shortcut a name. Click Finish.

5) The shortcut will now appear as an icon on your Desktop.

File Explorer

1) Select the file icon in the Taskbar.





A.   Navigation Pane: lists shortcuts to different storage spaces on your PC, OneDrive, and any other connected computers

B.   Folders: shortcuts to your main storage folders as well as recently accessed folders and files

C.   Devices and drives: the hard drive displays your files and folders; devices refers to anything plugged into your PC


* OneDrive is now part of File Explorer

** My Computer is now This PC