Requested Applications

View the table below for a current list of applications and add-ins that have already been requested. You can search for tools by name, category, status and more, and also find similar tools that have already been approved and implemented. Once a tool is implemented, it will be moved to the Microsoft 365 Application Integration page.

Don’t see your tool on the list? You can request that it be added to the review process via the Enterprise Service Centre.

Requesting a new email client or feature? Check to see email clients and features that have already been requested and approved using the Approved Email Clients and Features table.

Aren’t sure what types of tools you can request? View our frequently asked questions.

Applications under review

The table below lists applications and add-ins that have been submitted to the Application Review Committee (ARC) for review. When a tool has been implemented by the committee it will be listed on the Microsoft 365 Application Integration page.
Requested ToolCategoryTool TypeLinkStatusSimilar Implemented Apps# of Requesters
Zendesk-Teams IntegrationService deskTeams add-in review1