Note: As you may be aware, eToken authentication for high security logins, including AMS, ROSI, ROSI Files, Rocket Shuttle, and StarRez, will migrate to UTORMFA on November 27. Learn more about this project on the eToken Migration page.

eTokens are the University’s multi-factor authentication product and are used to access the SIS suite of applications and the AMS system. eTokens are managed by Information Security and Enterprise Architecture (ISEA) and more information regarding eTokens can be found on their eToken web page.


eTokens are managed at the departmental level. If you require an eToken or are having issues with your eToken, you should contact your eToken Administrator. Your eToken Administrator is also the person you should contact if you have locked yourself out of your eToken (5 failed password attempts).

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If you are experiencing any problems with your eToken log on, contact your departmental IT person – they will work with the ISEA group (Information Security & Enterprise Architecture), where needed to resolve your issue.

SIS staff are unable to reset or troubleshoot issues with your eToken. If you have any questions regarding eTokens, please email ISEA Authentication Services at


eToken Digital Signature

Configuring Firefox to Work with eTokens