Important Notice: Stream Classic Retiring

Date: March 13, 2024
To: InfoTech Listserv
From: EASI Digital Workplace; Academic, Research & Collaborative Technologies
Re: Important Notice: Stream Classic Retiring on May 6

Dear colleagues,

As per our previous notices, Stream Classic will be retired for the University community as part of Microsoft’s transition to Stream on SharePoint.

The final retirement date has been set for Monday, May 6, 2024.

After this date, users who have not yet downloaded/migrated their Stream Classic videos will not be able to access them directly. Remaining users should review their Stream Classic video content as soon as possible.

Next steps

All University of Toronto (U of T) Stream Classic users should follow the steps outlined below before May 6 to ensure uninterrupted access to videos stored in Stream Classic, referencing the “Preparing for the Stream Classic Retirement” guide on the main page of the U of T Stream Classic Retirement website for detailed instructions:

  1. Review your videos in Stream Classic. Publish any draft videos you want to keep and delete videos that are no longer needed.
  2. Download or request migration for your videos:
    • Users with <30 videos: download the videos you want to keep and upload them to a new location.
    • Users with >30 videos: request a migration for your videos.
  1. Update external links as required (see guide for more information).


Information Technology Services (ITS) has sent several notices to impacted end users. We will continue to provide targeted reminders, instructions and resources via email. Additional information and an FAQ can be found on the U of T Stream Classic Retirement page.

Our team is here to support your division during this process: please contact with any additional questions.

Kind regards,

Vicki Vokas, Senior Manager, Client Services, EASI

Kathleen McLeod, Manager, Research & Collaborative Applications, ARC