The New Teams client updated rollout schedule

Date:  March 11, 2024
From:  Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
To: U of T Community
Re:  New Teams client updated rollout schedule

Dear colleagues,

We are writing to remind you that as of early April 2024: New Teams as the default client app
Beginning early April 2024, new Teams will become the default app for all Teams users. The toggle will still be available to users to switch back to classic Teams if needed.

New Teams Updated schedule:

Mid-May 2024: Teams Classic toggle switch removal
All remaining classic Teams users will be updated to new Teams and the toggle switch will be removed. If we are unable to update to new Teams, users will be allowed to remain on classic Teams until classic Teams is no longer available.

Mid-May 2024: Teams Classic toggle switch will be removed
Microsoft will not block classic Teams users who do not meet the new Teams prerequisites or who experience other install failures until July 1, 2024, at the earliest to provide more time to address these issues for end-users and avoid disruption in the service.

More information:

If you experience any issues with the New Teams, please refer to New Teams Client Troubleshooting article or submit a ticket at

Sincerely, Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration