New advanced Microsoft security features will be applied to your account 

Dear Colleagues, 

Information Technology Services (ITS) will apply new advanced security features to your Microsoft 365 (M365) account. These features will add another layer of security to your email account and will help safeguard you against malicious threats posed by attachments and links (URLs) in email messages and links in documents. 

What advanced security features will be applied to my account?  

As part of this update Safe Links for Email and Documents will check URLs found in your email and documents to verify that the link is safe to view. Safe Attachments will check to see if the attachment is safe to be delivered to your inbox. If the attachment is found to be unsafe, you will receive the email but not the attachment.  

What do I need to do to prepare for these new features?  

No action is required from you. These features will be applied to your account automatically. If you have already been enrolled in the policy, there will be no impact on your account. 

Additional information regarding these features can be found at: .

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