Online Administrative Student Information System (OASIS)

OASIS is the platform where we will add new functionality as it is developed (e.g., the administrative interface for Absence Declaration, Timetable Builder, and the Transfer Equivalency database).

It provides university administrators with a modern user interface for ROSI related tasks.

The first functionality located on OASIS is the enhancements to the Student Absence Declaration. It will allow administrators to track current, past and cancelled absences with more detail, including date, course, term, instructor, students’ notes and administrators’ notes.
Note: Absence declarations recorded before July 6, 2021 may be viewed in ROSI and retrieved in ROSI Express reports.

To learn more about OASIS, view the learning video What to know about OASIS and visit the Getting Started page.

As downloads are managed through your browser, it is important to practice good file management. For more information on managing your downloaded files, check out the page Manage Confidential Information in Browsers.

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