U of T Stream (Classic) retirement timeline

Date:  June 7, 2023
To:  U of T IT and education technology communities
From:  Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration; Academic, Research & Collaborative Technologies (ARC)
Re: U of T Stream (Classic) retirement timeline

Dear colleagues,

Over the past year, Microsoft has been working to roll out a new and modernized version of Stream, the video application for Microsoft 365, that leverages SharePoint as its underlying platform.

As part of the transition to Stream (on SharePoint) Microsoft has announced that it will retire Stream (Classic). Once retired, videos stored in the University’s Stream (Classic) portal that have not been downloaded or migrated will not be accessible to end users.

Stream (Classic) video owners will have until August 29 to review and download or request migration for videos they would like to move to Stream (on SharePoint).

To minimize disruptions to teaching and administrative activities and ensure the community has uninterrupted access to video content originating in Stream (Classic), the retirement will follow a phased approach. Please note the following important dates:

July 11, 2023 

Users can no longer upload new videos to Stream (Classic) but can continue to view, share and download content. 

July 11 to August 28 

Users should review their videos in Stream (Classic) and download any videos they wish to retain. Users with large volumes of videos (>30) can submit requests to stream.support@utoronto.ca to have their content migrated to OneDrive or SharePoint. 

August 29, 2023 

Stream (Classic) will be retired in the U of T tenant. Videos that have not been downloaded or migrated will no longer be accessible to end users.


Information Technology Services (ITS) will support the University IT and educational technology communities throughout this transition period with regular updates. We will communicate with the Stream (Classic) user community directly throughout the summer to provide information, cutoff reminders and resources. Our support team will proactively contact users with large video repositories to offer assistance via scheduled content migrations.

Next steps

The first notice to Stream (Classic) video owners will go out on Thursday, June 8. We ask that Stream (Classic) end users, IT and educational technology support staff do the following:

While Stream (Classic) has played an important role in hosting videos and generating captioning for both teaching and administrative activities, we are confident in the improved, streamlined experience that Stream (on SharePoint) provides

Please direct any questions from your community regarding the Stream (Classic) retirement and the transition to Stream (on SharePoint) to stream.support@utoronto.ca.
Kind regards,

Jeremy Graham, Assistant Director, Operations, Academic, Research & Collaborative Technologies (ARC)

Vicki Vokas, Senior Manager, Client Services, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) 

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