How can I tell if I’m still on UTORmail? 

You can independently confirm whether your email account is still on the legacy UTORmail system in one of two ways. 

Method A: Look up your email account on the UTORid Management site 

      1. Go to the UTORid Account Management website at . 
      2. Click on the link in the right-hand column labelled “get info” . 
      3. Enter your UTORid and password, then click Authenticate. 
      4. On the resulting page, find the section displaying your email address. If the title of the section is “UTORMAIL”, you are still using the legacy UTORmail system. If the title of the section is “University Staff/Faculty Email”, you are already using the new UTmail+ system. 

Method B: Log into your inbox over the web 

      1. Go to the UTORmail online portal at 
      2. Enter your UTORid and password, then click the button labelled “log in”. 
      3. Once you have successfully signed into your inbox, compare the upper left portion of your screen with the two images below. If your screen looks similar to the first image that displays the University of Toronto logo (exact colours may vary), you are still using the legacy UTORmail system and should upgrade if eligible. If your screen looks more like the bottom image with the “Outlook” label, you are already using the new Office 365 (UTmail+) email system, and should update any saved bookmarks for U of T email to 

UTORmail layout

UTmail+ layout

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