I upgraded to Office 365 (UTmail+) but I think some of my content is missing 

If you completed the upgrade from UTORmail to Office 365 (UTmail+) email but are concerned that some of your old messages or contacts were left behind, you can request temporary access into an archived version of your UTORmail mailbox.    

If you elected to transfer your old UTORmail messages to Office 365 email, start by checking whether messages are still in the process of being transferred:  

      1. Go to the UTORid Management website and click on Get Info.  
      2. Enter your UTORid and password.
      3. Select the checkbox Check status of transfer of UTORmail messages to UTmail+.
      4. Click Authenticate.   

If the resulting screen indicates that no more messages are being processed, submit a Request Assistance ticket to the Information Commons Help Desk for two-week temporary access to your archived UTORmail mailbox. You will then be able to manually export out any messages that are missing.   

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