I am eligible for Office 365 (UTmail+) email but am receiving a message that says I am not eligible when I try to upgrade

If you believe that you are eligible for an Office 365 (UTmail+) email account but received a message stating that you were not eligible while attempting to self-upgrade, you will need to fill out the Modification Request for UTmail+ Eligibility form stating why you are eligible. The Decommissioning team will follow up with you with instructions on how to proceed.

Note: Departmental or shared email addresses cannot self-upgrade. If you wish to upgrade a departmental or shared email address, refer to these instructions.

If you wish to request a new @studentorg.utoronto.ca student organization mailbox, please refer to these instructions.

If you are unable to self-upgrade because you have forgotten your UTORid password, please contact your campus IT help desk.


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