I am eligible for Office 365 (UTmail+) email but am receiving a message that says I am not eligible when I try to upgrade

If you believe that you are eligible for an Office 365 (UTmail+) email account but received a message stating that you were not eligible while attempting to self-upgrade, you will need to contact one of the following groups to confirm that you are listed as an active University community member:

      • Faculty, staff and librarians: Contact your local business officer or HR department.  
      • Students: Contact your faculty or college registrar’s office.  
      • Emeritus faculty: Contact the department or faculty from which you retired.  
      • Alumni: please see “Alumni email service inquires” in the section below.

If you have verified with an above group that you are indeed an active community member, please contact your campus support desk for additional assistance.

Note: Departmental or shared email addresses cannot self-upgrade. If you wish to upgrade a departmental or shared email address, contact your campus IT help desk to request assistance.

If you are unable to self-upgrade because you have forgotten your UTORid password, please contact your campus IT help desk.


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