What accounts are impacted in this project?

There are four categories of accounts impacted by this project:  

Unknown Account Status

These accounts do not meet the eligibility criteria for a U of T email account based on the Division of People Strategy, Equity and Culture (PSEC) Guideline Email Accounts for University of Toronto Staff, Faculty and Librarians. 

 Alumni  Accounts 

These accounts belong to recent graduates who are U of T alumni. They will be offered the opportunity to opt into the new alumni email service.  

 Legacy Forwarded Accounts

These addresses were  part of the UTORmail email system but are now fully decommissioned. The addresitself is still active, however, as it is used to automatically forward emails to another account. Users will receive notifications about the end of @utoronto.ca forwarding service – after the 90-day period, messages will be returned to the sender. 

Shared Mailbox Accounts

These accounts will be assessed by departments for ongoing service or account closure. 

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