Absence Declaration Enhancement July 2021

Date:  May 25, 2021
To:  ROSI Users
From: Student Information Systems
Re:  Absence Declaration Enhancement July 2021


In July 2021, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) plans to release an upgrade to the Absence Declaration screens currently residing in ACORN for students and ROSI for Administrators.

The new Absence Declaration has undergone usability testing across all three campuses and will allow administrators to track absences with more detail, including date, course, term, instructor, students’ notes and administrators’ notes, as well as all past declarations.  The administrators’ screens for Absence Declaration will be housed on the new Online Administrative Student Information Services (OASIS) platform. OASIS is where we will be building new ROSI functionality in the future.

What changes can you expect? 


  • Will use OASIS to review, edit and create Absence Declarations instead of the current ROSI screens.
  • Will login using UTORid to an accessible, mobile-friendly user interface. We strongly recommend that you update to U of T’s multi-factor authentication service, used for applications that require high security.
  • For all other functions other than Absence Declaration, administrators can easily link back to ROSI.
  • Reporting will move from ROSI Express to an interim .CSV file download, providing more detailed information than previous reports.


  • Can declare an absence for specific courses and can add an optional note regarding the absence.
  • Will continue to go to the same interface – the functionality will be similar to the existing screen with the ability to associate specific courses to the absence.
  • Can conveniently select a date range versus selecting each day they were absent.
  • Can declare an absence up to 2 days in the past and up to 14 days in the future versus 14 consecutive days into the past.


  • Saves administrators time by including administrative screens and reporting in one platform.
  • Provides a modernized solution with a mobile-friendly, accessible user interface.
  • Maintains access to and functionality of the current ROSI.

Please stay tuned for more details!

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