Action Required: Updating Cisco AnyConnect Configuration – eToken Migration Project

This communication is intended for divisional IT administrators.

As you may be aware, eToken authentication for high security logins will migrate to UTORMFA on November 27. UTORMFA has already been adopted by over 10,500 members of the U of T community, is easy to use and provides enhanced security for U of T’s systems.

As part of this project, we will be changing AdminVPN from to Applications currently using AdminVPN with eToken include:

  • AMS
  • ROSI
  • ROSI Files
  • ROSI Express
  • Rocket Shuttle
  • Unit VPNs

To prepare for this change, we will need your help to install an updated Cisco AnyConnect AdminVPN profile by November 8, 2021. This will allow to automatically appear in the Cisco AnyConnect drop-down menu, providing users with easy access.

The deployment package (KB0011157) has been developed by Information Security and can be used to roll out the configuration to your users.

Should you require further assistance, you can submit a ticket to the Enterprise Service Centre.

If you are using eToken Digital Signing, please move to an alternative electronic signature solution before February 2022. No new eTokens will be issued after November 27, 2021, and new staff members will need to use an alternate solution for electronic signatures.

Stay tuned for additional communications about other services such as Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) and desktop login.

Further communications about this project will also be sent to AdminVPN users on September 23.

Learn more about the eToken Migration Project.

Thank you for your help and support in making this project a success.

Information Security