Changes to External Email Banner

Dear Colleagues,  

A number of issues have been brought to our attention regarding the new external email banner initiative designed to warn U of T employees and students of emails originating outside the university.    

The banner is just one part of our strategy to mitigate malicious and sophisticated email attacks directed at the university community and may be removed in the future as we are able to implement additional  security  tools.  

We have evaluated the concerns raised regarding the impact of the banner on the general quality of communications with known external colleagues and the limited email preview pane. To alleviate these concerns we have significantly shortened the banner and associated text.  

The revised banner will be rolled out to the university beginning November 19, 2020.   

This is how the banner will appear at the top of all faculty, staff and students’ external emails: 

New external email banner

We appreciate your feedback and support as we work to find solutions which both protect our users, as well as improve the general user experience.   

Visit this website for more information. If you have any questions, please open a ticket at  

Kind regards,  

Information Security and Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration