Coming Soon: New Power BI Class List Report Available in ROSI Express

Date: November 27, 2023   
ROSI Users; ROSI Express Users
Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
Re: Coming Soon: New Power BI Class List Report Available in ROSI Express


Dear ROSI and ROSI Express Users,

Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) is pleased to announce that the multiple variations of Class List reports currently available in ROSI Express are being consolidated into one convenient and customizable report. This new report will also include subject POSt enrolment information.

On December 6, you will see the new Class list report in ROSI Express along with the current reports. Once we collect feedback on the new report, we will notify users of when we plan to retire the older Class List reports.

Users will notice that while the interface for the new reports should be intuitive, it is different as we are leveraging PowerBI for new reports in most Student Information Systems applications.

Please stay tuned for more information, including a notification of when the new report has been made available, and details for an upcoming Connect+Learn session in 2024 on this and other reports.

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