Past Connect+Learn Sessions

Use this page to find recordings and documentation of previous Connect+Learn sessions.

Connect+Learn: Teams Breakout Rooms

Teams breakout rooms are finally here, but how do we use them? Join Connect+Learn for a session on the new breakout room feature for Teams meetings. Topics covered will include:

      • How to set up breakout rooms
      • Managing breakout rooms
      • Best practices for breakout rooms
      • And more…


Connect+Learn: Teams Update Roundup

2020 saw the release of many new and important Teams updates. Join us for this roundup of some of the end of 2020’s most exciting updates for Microsoft Teams. Topics covered will include:

      • Updates to the join Teams meeting settings
      • Updates to in-meeting settings including background noise suppression and adding apps
      • Status setting updates (appear offline, out to lunch etc.)
      • And more…


Connect+Learn: UTORMFA – Session 4

U of T faculty, librarians and staff across the tri-campus community are all invited to self-enroll in UTORMFA, an important part of a holistic information security program that will help support the University’s mission to protect user accounts and data.

Join Connect+Learn and representatives from Information Security for a guide to self-enrolling in UTORMFA. Topics covered will include:

  • What is multi-factor authentication (MFA) and why is it important?
  • What is UTORMFA?
  • How do I self-enroll in UTORMFA?