Past Connect+Learn Sessions

Use this page to find recordings and documentation of previous Connect+Learn sessions.

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Connect+Learn: Microsoft Lists

In this session, join EASI’s Information Management team to explore the new Microsoft Lists app (formerly SharePoint Lists). Topics discussed will include:

  • Creating lists from templates, Excel or custom.
  • Using lists as forms.
  • Custom formatting on list columns.
  • Working with columns to sort and filter and create views.
  • The new rules feature to create alerts.


Connect+Learn: What is Microsoft 365 @ U of T?

This week, let’s go back to the basics: what exactly is Microsoft 365? What tools does it give us access to? How should we use it at U of T? Topics covered will include:

  • What is Microsoft 365?
  • How can I find the full list of Microsoft tools that I have access to through the University?
  • What are the most important Microsoft tools for me to know and use in my day-to-day work?
  • When should I use the online versions of tools like Outlook and Word as opposed to the desktop versions?
  • And more…


Connect+Learn: Microsoft FindTime (March 2021)

Join us for this introduction to Microsoft FindTime. In this session, we will cover:
      • What Microsoft FindTime is.
      • How FindTime can help you and your colleagues find the best time to meet.
      • How to use FindTime to propose selected times and and allow everyone to vote on a meeting time.
      • And more…



Connect+Learn: OneDrive Email Attachments

Join Connect+Learn for this session on using OneDrive email attachments with Outlook emails. Topics covered will include:

  • OneDrive email attachments vs traditional email attachments
  • How to add an email attachment to Outlook using OneDrive
  • Collaborating on email attachments with colleagues
  • And more…



Connect+Learn: Captioning and Microsoft Teams

Join Connect+Learn and representatives from Academic & Collaborative Technologies for this new session on using captioning with Microsoft Teams. Topics covered will included:

  • Using live captioning during Teams meetings
  • Creating a transcript of Teams meeting recordings
  • Good practices for using captioning with Teams
  • Recent updates to the Teams captioning feature
  • And more…