Past Connect+Learn Sessions

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Connect+Learn: Kronos Open House

The EASI Kronos team is hosting an open house to provide prospective departments with information about Kronos, the University of Toronto’s web-based time management system. This open house is an opportunity to gain first-hand information about implementing Kronos in your department.

The event will include a demo and overview of the Kronos system and testimonials from departments currently using it. It will also provide attendees with an opportunity to ask questions about the Kronos system and implementation process.


Connect+Learn: New Teams Transcription Feature

Microsoft Teams recently launched its long-awaited meeting transcription feature. Join Connect+Learn for an overview of this new feature. Topics discussed will included:

  • What is the new Teams transcription feature?
  • How do I use the feature to transcribe my meetings?
  • How can I access my meeting transcripts later on?
  • How do I enable captioning for my meeting recordings using this tool?
  • And more…

A representative from Academic & Collaborative Technologies (ACT) will also be on hand to answer your broader transcription tools questions.


Connect+Learn: Absence Declaration Enhancement

on July 6, 2021, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) plans to release an upgrade to the Absence Declaration available in ACORN for students and currently in ROSI for Administrators. The new Absence Declaration has undergone usability testing by students and staff across all three campuses. It will allow administrators to track current, past and cancelled absences with more detail, including date, course, session, instructor, students’ notes and administrators’ notes.

The administrators’ screens for Absence Declaration will be housed on the new Online Administrative Student Information Services (OASIS) platform. OASIS is where we will be building new ROSI functionality in the future.

Topics covered include:

  • An introduction to the enhancement and details about the project.
  • Details on the changes you can expect.
  • How to navigate the interface in OASIS and what students will see in ACORN.
  • What processes have been modified, including reporting.
  • Details on how to update resources for students.


Connect+Learn: New Teams Meeting Options

Microsoft has recently released a slew of new updates to its Teams meeting options. Join Connect+Learn for an overview of these new options and learn how you can use them to better manage your meetings.

Topics covered will include:

  • New lobby options.
  • Updated camera and audio permissions for sessions attendees.
  • Manage your meeting chat via meeting options.
  • And more…


Connect+Learn: Using Polls in Teams Meetings

Did you know that you can launch live polls during Teams meetings to engage your audience and gather instant feedback? Join us for this Connect+Learn session to learn how to successfully leverage polls. Topics discussed will include:

  • Setting up Teams meeting polls in advance
  • Setting up polls during Teams meetings
  • Launching live polls
  • Viewing poll results
  • And more…