Past Connect+Learn Sessions

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Connect+Learn: Create a Simple Work Location Tracker with Lists

The emerging hybrid work model means that you and your team members could be in different locations on different days of the week. But how can your team quickly reference each other’s work locations?

Join Connect+Learn for this tutorial on building a simple, visually-focused location tracker using Microsoft Lists. Topics discussed will include:

  • How to set up your work location tracker.
  • Adding your work location tracker to a Team.
  • Adding your work location tracker to a SharePoint site.
  • Collaboratively updating the tracker with your team.


Connect+Learn: Simplify Meeting Scheduling with FindTime

With multiple stakeholders (who have multiple schedules) it can be tricky to find a meeting time that works for everyone. Fortunately, Microsoft FindTime can help! Join Connect+Learn for this introduction to Microsoft FindTime, the best Outlook tool you didn’t know about. In this session, we will discuss: 

  • What is Microsoft FindTime and how should I use it? 
  • Installing the FindTime add-in in Outlook. 
  • Using FindTime to propose selected meeting times. 
  • And more… 


Connect+Learn: Introduction to To Do

Join Connect+Learn for this session on To Do, Microsoft’s app for personal task management. Topics discussed will include:

  • What is To Do?
  • What kinds of tasks can To Do help me manage?
  • Using To Do with Outlook
  • Using To Do with Teams messages



Connect+Learn: Major Updates to Whiteboard for Teams

Microsoft just launched a series of updates to Whiteboard — and they are major! Calling it “the new Microsoft Whiteboard designed for Hybrid Work,” Microsoft seems sure it will make a splash.

Join Connect+Learn for this overview of the new and improved Whiteboard and how it can make your Teams meetings more interactive and engaging. Whiteboard updates discussed will include:

  • A fresh look and feel.
  • New sticky notes and note grids.
  • The introduction of 40+ Whiteboard templates.
  • New options for interactive content.
  • Adding shapes and images.
  • And more…


Connect+Learn: Electronic Signatures and Enterprise DocuSign

With fewer people in the office or meeting face to face, obtaining wet signatures on documents has become increasingly complicated, but navigating digital options can be overwhelming and confusing. As a result, last year an ITS working group was established to research and help demystify electronic signatures for U of T.