Enterprise Modernization Program progress, performance improvements

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It’s been two years since the launch of a program set to upgrade U of T’s Administrative Management Systems and transform the future for more than 33,000 staff and faculty. So how much progress has the U of T’s Enterprise Modernization Program made since its debut and what’s in store for the future?

Using the latest SAP technology to upgrade all systems, the goal of the program is to provide a consistent, intuitive and streamlined user experience. The project is currently transforming the entire HR Talent Management Suite and the core HR, Research and Finance systems.

“The pandemic has exposed many financial and human resources processes that can be reimagined such as employee on-boarding, electronic funds transfer for payments, and use of electronic signatures for critical business processes” says Cathy Eberts, Director, Enterprise Applications and Deputy CIO.

To date, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) has completed a massive infrastructure update, which has set the stage for all other future updates. In November 2020, EASI also upgraded U of T’s Financial Information System to a highly responsive transactional and reporting system. This upgrade improved speed and reporting for all Administrative Systems, including the Human Resources Information System and Research Information System.

EASI also launched SuccessFactors Learning Management System, Performance and Goals, and Recruitment as part of the Human Resources Information System.

Let’s see what projects have launched recently and what’s next for the program.

Fiori Launchpad Reporting
In March 2021, the EASI team leveraged the power of SAP’s latest and greatest web-based user experience offering using the Fiori Launchpad. Fiori Launchpad Reporting was the first of many applications to be launched on the new platform. Fiori Launchpad Reporting is a reporting solution within AMS that is available 24/7 during scheduled AMS lockouts. It provides reporting functionality on live AMS data during scheduled AMS downtimes, including holiday shut down, fiscal year end, fiscal month end and pay runs. This application provides an improved user interface as well as enhanced analytics and better insights into reporting. Since its implementation, the 24 Fiori Launchpad reports have been used more than 5,000 times by over 400 users.

Updated Expense Reimbursement Direct Deposit (ERDD) Web Application
More recently, EASI launched an updated version of ERDD in June 2021 using SAP’s new interface design principles. The new ERDD-web application provides an updated user interface with improved usability and accessibility. The modernized and simplified user interface displays all claims on the homepage for easy tracking, and provides better search functionality, with the option to search by audit number, FI document number, claim name, personnel number, claimant name and status. The application also offers an improved layout of expense categories, helping users to select only those expenses that are important to their claims.

What’s next for the Modernization Program?

Employee Central – Human Resources Information System
Employee Central, a new platform hosted in SuccessFactors, will provide users with all Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service Human Resources functions – from hire to retire. It will help to consolidate complex processes and will allow users to see the workflow and next steps. For example, a manager will be able to initiate the recruitment process through Employee Central, track where the position is in the recruitment process and easily provide approvals. It will also automate many of the previous manual processes and will be accessible on mobile devices, increasing accessibility of the applications.

My Research Applications & Agreements (MRA) System
EASI and the Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation are also hard at work updating the My Research Applications & Agreements (MRA) system. This system is being rebuilt to better serve the U of T research and innovation community. MRA is the University of Toronto’s online system for researchers to secure the institutional endorsement and approval of their research grants, applications, and non-funded agreements. These changes will better support the U of T research and innovation community through a modernized and user-friendly experience to submitting research funding applications. The renewed MRA is scheduled to launch in late summer 2021.

These projects require a university-wide effort and close collaborations with departments, including Financial Services, Human Resources & Equity, Procurement Services, Facilities & Services, and the Division of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation. They also require consultation from divisions, local IT administrators, Information Security, Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions.

Thank you to the U of T community for the success of this program to date, and please stay tuned for more updates!