Help guide the future of CIS: Retrieving Data Questionnaire

Date: July 20, 2020
CIS Admin Users
Course Information System (CIS)
Help guide the future of CIS: Retrieving Data Questionnaire

Dear CIS Admin Users,

One of our goals for 2020 is to begin developing the functionality of retrieving data from closed sessions in CIS. The purpose of this feature is to allow Admin Users to access previous sessional data in CIS when necessary and eliminate the need for storing and managing copies of information offline.

Prior to starting development, we would like to receive your input on this new capability. To facilitate this, we have created a Questionnaire to help us better understand your desired requirements; the goal is to identify features and clarify their usage.

You may open the Questionnaire in your web browser by clicking the link below:

Retrieving Data Questionnaire

If you would like to participate and provide your feedback, we ask you to do so by July 31st 2020, as after this date, we will be closing the questionnaire and begin analyzing responses.

Your input and contribution are valuable to us as we continue to build the Course Information System.

Thank you very much for your time!

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