Important SAP GUI Upgrade Instructions – S/4HANA Migration

Date: August 25, 2020
Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
Important SAP GUI Upgrade Instructions – S/4HANA Migration

Dear SAP GUI users:

As you may be aware, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) is launching the next phase of an upgrade to the Administrative Management Systems (AMS). This phase, called the S/4HANA Migration, requires an upgrade to the SAP GUI before a university-wide transition to the new S/4HANA platform. SAP GUI users will need to upgrade from SAP GUI 7.5 Patch 12 (Enjoy theme) to SAP GUI 7.6 Patch 6 (Blue Crystal theme). The new SAP GUI comes with the modern Blue Crystal GUI theme and the old Enjoy theme, used by some users, will no longer be available.

The SAP GUI upgrade represents minimal change to business processes and will be easy for users to adapt – the transition will create the foundation for improved overall system performance and future modernization of the SAP systems at U of T.

Your local IT administrator(s) will be deploying the updated SAP GUI software to your computer before September 18 in preparation for the system migration in November. After the deployment, users will have links to both the cloud and new S/4HANA systems. Users will still need their CISCO VPN and eToken to log in to the cloud system. 

If you do not have a managed desktop or a local IT administrator, you can submit a ticket to the Enterprise Service Centre.


The new platform represents the next phase of a five-year project, called the U of T Enterprise Modernization Program, that will upgrade U of T’s Administrative Management Systems and transform the future for more than 33,000 staff and faculty – with a revamped HR Talent Management Suite and core HR and research systems. U of T’s Financial Information System will be a core part of this upgrade and will transition to a highly responsive system, allowing users to perform quicker queries since the new system will be a transactional and reporting system built into one. As well, the upgrade will improve speed and reporting for the Human Resources Information System and Research Information System in the future. Read this article to learn more.

Thank you for your support in making these improvements.


Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI)