November 1, 2022 – Count Procedures

Date: October 6, 2022
To: Faculty Registrars
From: Planning Analytics
Re: November 1, 2022 – Count Procedures


To assist you in preparing for the November 1 count, please refer to the procedures below.

On the evening of the retrieval date, November 8th, Planning & Budget will run the enrolment retrieval program to extract the records of all students with academic activities in the Fall session, with a Status Effective Date of November 1st.

Key Dates

  • Fall Count Date = Tuesday November 1st
  • Status Effective Date = Tuesday November 1st
  • Fall Count Retrieval Date = Tuesday November 8th

The Fall Count Retrieval Date enables divisions extra time to make required updates in ROSI, backdated to the November 1st  Registration Status Effective Date. On November 8th, all academic activities that were approved on or before November 1st will be picked up for each student. Academic activities that do not have a status set to APP (approved) on or before the November 1st Status Effective Date will be excluded from the count. You can continue to process ROSI records between November 1st and November 8th and they will be included in the enrolment count if the Status Effective Date has been set to November 1st.

Actions Required

Please perform the following actions prior to November 1st:

  1. Please run the Count-Date Preparation reports in ROSI (direct command 4 B B) as early as you can. These programs will assist you in identifying student records that may require adjustments. Examine the outputs and enter corrections/changes to the student’s record on or before the retrieval date.
  2. Please run the Registrations Containing Anomalous Data report in ROSI (direct command 4 B B G). This report will assist you in identifying records that may require follow up with students.
  3. Documents supporting the exempt status of international students who have been exempted from paying international fees must be on file with your division and available for reference. To identify international exempt students, please run the Registration Fee Category Overrides report in ROSI (direct command 4 B B D).
  4. Ensure that students’ Legal Status, Country of Citizenship, Permanent Address, Date of Birth, and Mother Tongue is complete.
  5. Please ensure that all Academic Activity Approval dates and Registration Status Effective Dates are set to November 1st or earlier for students who are legitimately in a course but whose ROSI records were not updated until after November 1st. This includes FINCA’d registrations that were later re-instated with a status of REG.

Please perform the following actions after November 8th:

  1. After the count retrieval, you will receive an email notification that your division’s report dataset has been created. Please review these reports. This is an additional check to ensure that no students have been missed.
  2. Before November 14th, please notify us if substantive changes need to be made to your division’s records.

If you have any questions or if you need clarification, please contact Planning & Analytics by email at

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