Peak Enrolment Successful – Student Information Systems Available

Date: July 30, 2021
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Student Information Systems 
Re: Peak Enrolment Successful – Student Information Systems Available


Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce that today’s peak enrolment day for students in ACORN went smoothly and you can now resume activities on our Student Information Systems.

Similar to previous years, the system successfully handled a large number of logins on Faculty of Arts & Science’s “priority removal” enrolment day. The first round of enrolment at 9 a.m. had a peak of 1,980 students and the second round at 10 a.m. had close to 2,600. The third round had a peak of over 3,300 students and the fourth had over 3,000. In each round, within a minute or two of logging in approximately 1,500 students had already enrolled in classes.

We look forward to next year’s enrolment and will continue to ensure students have an efficient enrolment process.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support and have a great long weekend!

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Student Information Systems