ROSI Access During Student Course Enrolment

Date: July 6, 2023
To: ROSI Users; Registrar’s Offices
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Re:  ROSI Access During Student Course Enrolment


Hi everyone,

This is a quick update for ROSI users as fall/winter course enrolment continues for students (UTM Year 3) in ACORN this morning beginning at 8:00 a.m. Yesterday morning during UTSC Year 1 course enrolment, we received a few reports from staff who got the following error when logging in to ROSI:

ROSI log in error that says "ACS Proxy Error Page"

If you encounter this error when accessing ROSI on a course enrolment day, please refresh your browser and try again. You may get a pop-up prompt – proceed with ‘Continue’ and the application should return. The issue is intermittent and related to the system load, and should resolve itself after a refresh or two.

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