ROSI, ACORN and changes to delivery mode codes for 2020-21

Date: June 16, 2020
Student Information Systems
ROSI, ACORN and changes to delivery mode codes for 2020-21


Dear Registrarial colleagues,

By now you are aware that new delivery modes are to be used for meeting sections for the 2020 Fall and 2021 Winter sessions. These new codes are now available in ROSI and will soon be visible to students in ACORN. Here is how ROSI, ACORN and other applications are being altered to support their use. Please read carefully as some implementation steps and requests are embedded in the descriptions.


In Person (INPER), Online Synchronous (SYNC) and Online Asynchronous (ASYNC) are the only valid delivery modes for the coming academic period. In Class, Online and Hybrid should not be used and where already in place, should be replaced. To support this:

  • An end session has been added to the support table that lists delivery mode choices for meeting sections on the Maintain Activity Meeting Sections screen (1BAC)
  • Data entry of delivery mode will be validated against the date. It will not be possible to add any of the older codes when creating or modifying a meeting section for the coming year
  • The field is required. ROSI will no longer enter a default value (previously In Class) if the field is left blank. Instead, an error will be returned.
    B. This will have an effect on the rollover process. If your division still needs to perform an academic activity rollover for the Fall and Winter, please alert us ASAP.
  • For divisions that use the Room Reservation System uploads and downloads, the delivery mode field is being added to  all three. This will change the format required. Please make sure you account for this in your formatting and be sure to include the appropriate, valid code. Please check with us, before running the process to be sure we have implemented the changes.
  • If you have access to the QA environment, you may want to test your upload before running it in production.
  • If you are using the uploads to change existing meeting sections, remember that some processes may change the enrolment quantity value in your enrolment control lines to match the maximum enrolment quantity on the meeting section overall. This is not new behaviour but could have a larger impact this year.
  • If you are using the uploads to create new meeting sections, remember only the default generic wildcard enrolment control line will be created.
  • If your division has already created all meeting sections, you will likely need to change the delivery modes. If you have too many to manage manually, we may be able to assist. Please contact us to see if you have enough to make an update query worthwhile. If you require a list of all your meeting sections with the delivery mode, please let us know.


Students have been able to see the Hybrid and Online delivery methods in ACORN for several years. Development work is underway to ensure students will see the three new codes in the course lookup, the course planner and in their personal timetables. A description of the particular delivery mode will be available in a tool tip in the course lookup. The description will also include a statement that the student can find details at their divisional website. We will provide a link from that statement to a website for the division that is the primary org on the course. ASAP, please provide us with a link that we can attach to your courses. Ideally this would be the page where your divisional timetable is published, or your general statements about course delivery. Preferably the url will be one that can be used over multiple sessions. For example, you should provide us the landing page where all your timetables are linked rather than the Fall and Winter Timetable specifically. Please send your url to Kelly Jay (

Course Finder

Delivery mode is already displaying in Course Finder. We will add a general statement to the main page indicating the details for specific meeting sections may be found on the divisional website. This statement will not include a link.

Some of these changes will require us to make further adjustments later in the year. For example, the activity rollover procedure will need to be adjusted so that newly invalid delivery mode options do not cause failures. We will advise you as we make these changes.

If you have questions about any of this, please contact Kelly Jay or me.


Rodney Branch
Manager, Client Services and Process Integration
Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI & NGSIS)
University of Toronto